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Collection of useful middlewares for aiohttp.web applications.

  • Works on Python 3.6+

  • Works with aiohttp 3.5+

  • BSD licensed

  • Latest documentation on Read The Docs

  • Source, issues, and pull requests on GitHub


By default aiohttp.web does not provide many built-in middlewares for standart web-development needs such as: handling errors, shielding view handlers, or providing CORS headers.

aiohttp-middlewares tries to fix this by providing several middlewares that aims to cover most common web-development needs.

For example, to enable CORS headers for http://localhost:8081 origin and handle errors for aiohttp.web application you need to,

from aiohttp import web
from aiohttp_middlewares import cors_middleware, error_middleware

app = web.Application(

Check documentation for all available middlewares and available initialization options.


pip install aiohttp-middlewares

Or with poetry:

poetry add aiohttp-middlewares


aiohttp-middlewares is licensed under the terms of BSD License.